How to Start an Events Related Blog


Creating a blog is simple and straightforward. With many great sites available for free, creating your own blog has never been easier. After you’ve decided on the platform that best suits your needs (I personally recommend WordPress for its ease of use and helpful staff), your next step will be deciding your purpose and target audience.

As a new blogger, I was more focused on how my site looked than on content at first. I was convinced that my site it had to look perfect. The theme, color scheme, and featured photos all had to be perfect. For much of my first six months that is what I focused on; but I quickly found that my subscriber numbers were steadily stuck at zero. When I shifted my focus instead to writing about my passion (travel) and less on how my blog looked, that was when I saw my numbers grow. Whether your passion is sharing about upcoming local events or some other topic, pour more of your energy into your posts and less into the design. OnBlast Blog can help you in the technical details of starting a great blog.

After deciding the purpose of your blog, it’s important to decide on a target audience. If you’re choosing to start a blog on local events, for example, and would like to target young adults in your area, here are a few key points you’d consider:

· Post Length: write no more than 600-word posts – especially when your audience is used to 140-character tweets. Keep it short, simple, and engaging

· Media Content: including pictures and video when possible is a great way to add flare to your post. Just be careful to limit the number of media files and keep them post-specific

· Social Media Advertising: if you have Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, brush up on your skills and use them to market your blog. Not only will you be expanding your potential audience, many sites like WordPress are designed to link your social media accounts to your posts.